In the words of Sinead, nothing compares to you.

New book (I often write things in a journal first…), new city, new thoughts.


Let’s start with the things I like about life in Montreal so far:

  • I get to use my shitty French.
  • Culture… or something like that.
  • All of the cheese… except for cheddar which is consistently gross. (Why can’t the French just respect a good cheddar!?)
  • Coffee. Thank fuck they have more decency than the actual French in their appreciation for coffee. Still don’t know what I was thinking when I lived in France. It was like drinking motor oil.
  • Croissants. Ok, I’ll be honest, I’m really trying hard with this whole gluten free thing but I cracked today.
  • The people. Overall, people have been super nice but I’m sure that will change as soon as I meet a separatist. I hear they get pretty uppity if you speak English.
  • Architecture. Things are actually old here. And in the case of where I’m going to school, old means falling apart. But brick, guys! Holy shit.
  • Diversity. It’s a real thing here unlike at home where we have only 3 ethnicities. Here, there are many!
  • The cost. Fuck. I can’t believe I didn’t open with this. It’s hard to fathom I survived in Vancouver as long as I did. Mind you, like anywhere, eating organic, gluten free, of any other type of alternative diet is challenging. It’d be real nice to get all my food items at one store, but alas, most grocery trips involve 3 stops.
  • The energy. There’s stuff on all the time. And I like stuff…
  • It’s so close to everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. Boston is closer than Toronto. Toronto is closer than … who knows, they only care about themselves. And I’m only 2 hours away from one of my dearest friends. Le sigh…

Now onto the things I miss:

  • Nanima. For realz. She drives me nuts but I love her and we make good companions as single, cranky, stubborn women. Plus she feeds me and buys me groceries (BECAUSE I’M HER FAVOURITE QUINN, LIAM, AND AISHA!).
  • The mountains. I mean ffs. I suppose only a girl or guy from the mountains will understand this but I’m almost tearing up just thinking about it.
  • Nature. Even in the dead of winter, it’s so green. Here, it’s so grey. No green.
  • The climate. I was ok here until we hit -40C. Note the breaking point.
  • My fam jam. It’s nice to have them close by and hang with my cousins on the weekend watching hockey or getting whooped at Monopoly.
  • Knowing my baristas by name. They’re really nice at Matchstick on Georgia btw. And they don’t care if I get one coffee and sit there all day… or maybe they do.
  • My car. Yep. Lady. She was a classy broad. And she took me places. I like going places.
  • My apartment. I love that I’m back with my favourite roomie, but there’s an independence and liberty that comes from living alone. Like I could be sitting on my couch in my underwear and writing this instead of in a cafe fully clothed.
  • Winter fashion. And by that I mean at home I actually have some, but here it’s all leggings as pants and parkas. Staying warm and looking cute are mutually exclusive. On that note, if you have some suggestions on how to look cute while wearing a parka, please let me know. Mkthanks.
  • Winter camping. Remember that part where I said it was -40C? Winter camping sounds like the fucking worst here.
  • On that note, my friends. Every single one of them. This is a blog unto itself, but I never had a group of friends like the ones I left behind. But thank goodness I know they’re my friends for life. 4LYF. BLOODOATH.
  • Knowing where things are. I know it sounds dumb but it’s so bloody annoying not knowing how to get somewhere or where to find something. It gets super old super fast.
  • The taste of tap water. For realz.
  • Craft brew… or maybe it’s just East Van. They’re so interchangeable those two.
  • Knowing the people at the brewery… coffee and booze, that’s where people know me. Telling.
  • My hair guy. It’s nice to to think about what to do next. Reede (at Chemically Addicted Hair) does that for me.
  • Breaky with my bud … and knowing all the servers at our favourite joints. Fuck… there’s a serious pattern here.

I’m gonna do great here, guys, but anyone who thinks it’s automatically better has never experienced the beauty of British Columbia. In the meantime, here’s to growing the list of things I like in Quebec. Because I know this place is rad as, just gotta get exploring!… when it’s not cold af.

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